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Transformation 360 Qmarkets Bright Ideas Planview IdeaPlace
Customizable Process for Playbook Implementation x
Predefined Innovation Playbooks x
Online Courses and e-books x
Key Driver Mapping and Scenario Planning x
Mapping Business Key Drivers x
Commercialization Diagnostics x
Assessing, Benchmarking and Tracking the Innovation Capabilities and Culture x
Customizable Menus, Languages and Concepts x
Certified Innovation Leader Programs x
Advanced Idea Analytics with AI and Clustering x
Document Management x x
Scenario Planning x x
Activity Tracking x x x x
Business Problem Framing x x x x
Ideation x x x x
Idea Ranking x x x x
Visual Analytics x x x x
Prioritization x x x x
Evaluation Management x x x x
Role-Based Permissions x x x x
Activity Tracking x x x x
Single Sign-On x x x x
Workflow Management x x x x
SSL Security x x x x
Portfolio Management x x x x
Project Planning x x x x
Feedback Management x x x x
Reporting & Statistics x x x x
Tech Scouting x x