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Story About the Logo

The Transformation360 logotype represents a confluence of innovation, history, and the journey from complexity to clarity, encapsulated within a symbol that is both visually striking and deeply meaningful. The story behind this emblem is one of meticulous design and conceptual depth, intended to reflect the core values and transformative vision of the entity it represents.

Origin and Concept

The initial concept for the Transformation360 logotype was inspired by the idea of a snowflake transforming into a snowball, a metaphor for growth, accumulation of value, and impact. This imagery, cited in the third book of a series on innovation management, draws on the poetic visualization by Ingemar Bergman of a single snowflake expanding into something significantly larger and more influential.

Design Elements

Snowflake to Snowball

The animation begins with a singular, delicate snowflake that gradually grows into a formidable snowball. This transformation symbolizes the journey of an idea or a venture from its fragile inception to a powerful force, capable of effecting substantial change and achieving significant outcomes.

Morse Code for “360”

A unique aspect of the logotype is its incorporation of Morse code to spell out “360,” which is both an integral part of the name and a representation of a complete journey or transformation. This choice pays homage to the roots of digital communication and encryption, nodding to the pioneering work of Alan Turing and his team at the Turing Institute, who played a crucial role in the development of computing and cryptography during World War II.

United Nations Logo and 360 Concept

The design subtly plays on the visual motif of the United Nations logo, suggesting a global perspective and the universal relevance of the transformation journey. The circular form of the logo, embodying the “360” concept, signifies completeness, inclusivity, and the holistic approach taken by the entity it represents.

Sound Design

Accompanying the animated logotype is a piece of specially composed music that also utilizes Morse code to convey the “360” theme, creating a multisensory brand experience. This musical accompaniment enhances the narrative of progression and transformation, adding an auditory layer to the visual and conceptual symbolism of the logotype.


The Transformation360 logotype, with its animated version and accompanying sound, is a sophisticated blend of artistic expression and symbolic depth. It encapsulates the journey from a single idea to a sweeping movement, from initial complexity to clear, impactful success. Through its design, it communicates the entity’s commitment to innovation, global impact, and the transformative power of ideas, echoing the spirit of pioneers like those at the Alan Turing Institute who have reshaped the world through their contributions to science and technology.