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Koenigsegg – Extreme Tech Club

Solving the impossible by cooperation

In a unique collaboration, Koenigsegg AutomotivePolestarLightyearAurobayNEVS, and Marell, together with Innovation360, collaborated with over 20 high-tech suppliers to create extreme technology innovation in the automotive industry. The collaboration aimed to develop new solutions and products that could drive the industry forward by sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources. Using the leading ideation platform Ideation360.
The initiative’s mission statement was to unleash the power of extreme technologies and ecosystems to solve the unsolvable and make the impossible possible. The collaboration began with a six-month sprint, where the team collected over 500 ideas and clustered them into 17 groups before refining them through several iterations of workshops. At the end of the sprint, the team presented six clusters, and their partners and high-tech suppliers invested in moving the clusters into pilots together. The project highlighted the importance of a tangible vision and mission statement, inspiring and motivating people, and collaboration, a higher purpose, clear goals, and accepting uncertainty as essential factors for success in innovation.


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