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Learnings Management System

More about Organizational Learning

Discover a World of Learning with Our Premium Playbook

Our Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) at Transformation360 is designed to enhance your professional journey through expert-led courses, all included in our Premium Playbook version. From the basics of innovation management to advanced strategy implementation, our LMS serves as a comprehensive learning hub. All included to be used for free across your organization.

Engagement and Certification

  • Blockchain Certification: Upon completion of courses, receive certifications verified on the blockchain, providing recognized credentials that showcase your learning achievements.
  • Interactive Tools and Resources: Utilize our toolbox of innovation management resources, which support your learning with practical tools and frameworks essential for today’s fast-paced business environment.

Expert-led Courses

Dive into courses taught by industry experts, offering deep insights and practical knowledge across a range of topics. Our courses are tailored to foster learning in a progressive, structured manner.

Extensive Course Library

Access a wide array of classes, including our free courses on innovation management and a premium selection designed for transformative learning. Sample our courses at Sample Courses to start your learning journey.

Premium Original Content

The Premium PlayBook version comes fully equipped with exclusive content, including our transformative book series. These materials are designed to complement your learning and provide deep dives into specialized subjects.

Advanced Reading Function & Specialized Learning Modules

Enhance your learning experience with our advanced reading functions built into the LMS. This feature allows for an interactive and engaging way to consume course material and books. Furthermore, each system is complemented with specific learning modules to ensure a comprehensive understanding and application of Transformation360.